Brightstar Partners

Portfolio Companies


Leeds Hospital Spent more than 10 years developing new organ transplant solutions based on all the latest biochemistry. They have been shown to extend the transplant window, and deliver organs with a higher efficacy than traditional solutions.

Aptamer Science Inc.

Aptamer Sciences Inc. is a privately held biotech company focused on commercializing cutting-edge technologies for analysis of proteins, based on its proprietary aptamer technology platforms.

Aptamer Sciences is dedicated to develop the aptamer technologies to generate high quality aptamer and in broad applications of research, diagnosis and therapeutics. In addition to conventional aptamer generating technologies, Aptamer Sciences has developed advanced aptamer technologies and thus can generate aptamers more efficiently with superior binding affinity. Aptamer Sciences has ongoing collaboration relationships with several industry partners. The Company also has research collaboration with several universities, hospitals and research organizations.

StickyCath Ltd (Korea)

Developing novel catheters for treating Arrythmia based on technology developed at Derriford Trust. These speed up and simplify the operation.

DC Medical (Korea)

DC Medical acquired the KUKI-I fund interests in OrganSol and Sticky Cath. DC Medical has built on the experiences of Brightstar to develop a model for spinning medical device companies out. It has four subsidiaries – the former KUKI-I companies and two further NHS spin-outs: Symimetics and EveryBaby.

Symimetics (UK)

Symimetics is developing completely new materials for meshes for stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and hernia repair. These materials have been designed to have all the physical properties of human fascia tissues, thus overcoming the issues some patients have with current materials. The materials technology has been 7 years in development in Sheffield University and the Royal Hallamshire Trust.

EveryBaby (UK)

Sheffield University and the Royal Hallamshire Trust developed a detector based on electrical impedance spectroscopy which measured the risk of a mother going into premature labour. Prevention or delay of pre-term birth has lifelong benefits in terms of the health of the child, as well as massive cost savings

InterMedi Group

Founded as an offshoot of the work done in the KUKI fund, IMG spins companies out of the NHS especially in Mental Health (tbrough its affiliate company Being Well Group), children’s health and aging.


An IMG owned subsidiary that runs Tran Cranial Magnetic Stimulation clinics and develops AI software designed to drive the cost of the treatment down to consumer price points.